Modello 51 - Cap

Blocking machine

Machine suitable to automatically block Ivy caps, Baseball caps. Berets for military and civilian purposes, and Children caps in various materials as : Cloth, Wool, Cotton, Leather, Suede, Synthetic fur. - Cap and beret blocking by 9-Pieces expandable aluminium mould for the headsize adjustment. One cap mould is suitable for 3 different headsizes; One beret mould is suitable for 2 different head sizes. For example, a mould size 57, blocks 57-58-59 headsized caps. - One mould is suitable for different caps’ styles
- Automatic steaming and drying times adjustable. Steaming and drying steps in closed chamber for a perfect blocking.
- Heating temperature for drying operation adjustable.
- Equipment to use one piece mould.
- Optional steam apparatus. Steam and warm air automatic exhaust, steam equipment and devices, pneumatic equipment and devices.
- A person can work on a double-head machine or a three-head machine.

Some hooded models of the machine
This video shows some stages of machine processing.