Headwear Machinery since 1793

From 1793 our ideas in mind

The fact that the Art of Hat and Cap making machines has its age-old origin in Tuscany is demonstrated for certain in many ways, Here are two convincing examples.
A study by Leonardo Da Vinci of a Hat Finishing Machine ( ca. 1495 from “Codice Atlantico” ).
Giuseppe Michelagnoli & Figli Hat and Cap making machines, established since 1793 in Signa, near Florence.
The growth of the Company followed the establishing and developing of the Hat Manufacturers in the world, and the growing demand of headwear.
As early as 1861, our Company took part in the Italian Trade Fair in Florence, exhibiting “ a Hydraulic Blocking Machine for the treatment of Hats “. It won an award.
With the arrival of the 20th Century, significant investments were made to enlarge the Factory, to modernize the equipments, and to improve the engineering . Not long ago, our Company restoured the machines manufactured at the beginning of 20th Century, they are now shown at the Straw Hat Museum in Signa, and in several parts of the city as monuments.
In the early summer of 2017, the Company changed its headquarters. Reluctantly, after 224 years, we had to leave our historic site for a place that allows us to produce more rationally and linearly in the Industrial Zone of Poggio A Caiano, Prato province.
All elements are designed, assembled and tested in our Poggio A Caiano factory to ensure total control over our machines.
Today, our Company’s award winning mechanical workshop is over 220 years old, and the machines manufactured are exported worldwide.
Today, more than yesterday, we like to think of ourselves a innovative Hats and Caps Machineries supplier and we have been seeking ideas and solutions to improve the production and to obtain a first quality product.
...How not to think then to the machine Mod. 51
Placeholder imagewith which was made the magnificent cloth cap that Robert Redford sported in the "Great Gatsby" (1974)
Placeholder image or the Texan hat worn by Larry Hagman in his famous interpretation of the evil JR in the TV series " Dallas ".

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In 1793 Giuseppe Michelagnoli & Figli took its first steps in the production of machines to make hats and caps, in Signa, near Florence.
Our history crosses with the historical events and the growth of this territory.
The images shown here are taken from our catalogs of the years 1918 and 1922.

Catalog in pdf


Our machines are the results of advanced engineering, and development, and our more than two centuries of experience making machinery for the headwear industry
Thumbnail Image 1

Macchina Mod51

Blocking machine


Thumbnail Image 1

Universal 560-12

Hydraulic press totally


Thumbnail Image 1

Pressa Mod55,2

New pedal press


Thumbnail Image 1

Macchine Mod22,2

Blocking machine


Thumbnail Image 1

Engomadora mod.1350

Stiffening Machine


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Our production range also extends to the following auxiliary machines:
Felt Hood Stretcher - Felt Hood Lengthner - Steamer - Pouncing Machine - Fringing Machine - Felt blocking Machine - Decatising Machine/Plating Machine - Brim stretching machine - Veluring Machine - Stiffening Machine Hardening machine - Hood blocking machine - Pedal press to shape hats from flat material - Oil Pedal press suitablo for high pressure- Foot oprating Pedal press - Thermo Machine.

The type of gas, where provided, as well as the electrical system will be performed according to the requests of the end user.

Reconditioned Machines

This section provides for the publication of reconditioned machines and plants from our factory and are ready for production.

Our Customers

A world leader in the production of headwear machines, Giuseppe Michelagnoli & Figli exports his engineering works to all continents, and in particular to countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, P.R. China, Japan, Russia, Australia, and U.S.A. where the hat still continues to be a status symbol.
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Straw Boater hat Shaped by Mod. 55 Machine.


Felt women's hat Shaped by Mod 55 and Mod 560 machines.


Straw caps blocked by Machine Mod. 55


Felt men's hat Shaped by Mod. 55 and Mod. 560 machines.


Cloth cap blocked by Mod. 51 Machine.


Panama/Paja Toquilla hat Shaped by Mod. 560.

Technical data on products

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